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Bible Stock Illustrations

Largest selection of original Biblical stock illustrations

Bible Illustrations by Balage Balogh

A sermon has the power to bring both the past and present together in a spiritual and vivid way. What better way to enhance the power of your sermons than using the unique Bible illustrations of Balage Balogh? Clergy use his beautifully crafted biblical illustrations to inspire the imaginations of their congregants and broaden their historical knowledge. They have proven to add a visual dimension to sermons, as well as allow listeners to see what it would look like to live during the time of the Old and New Testaments.

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Bible illustrations bring the biblical lands of Israel, Egypt, Babylon, Greece, and Rome to life with a never before seen historical accuracy. The places and characters of the Old Testament are specifically chosen to complement the biblical stories in the Bible. New Testament images recreate the life of Jesus of Nazareth and the world of ancient Greece and Rome. They give a sermon a visual dynamic that fuses art, history, and the message of the Bible together as one.

The biblical images from Archeology Illustrations are based on extensive academic and archeological research. Each piece gives its viewers an aesthetic experience of biblical times, as well as a deeper historic understanding of the Bible. In fact, the Discovery Channel applauded Balogh’s work, describing it as, “a combination of intensive archaeological investigation, scriptural and ancient text research, and a measured dose of interpretive insight…with a startling degree of accuracy.” They further went on to describe him as a “Hungararian-born painter, illustrator and pictorial historian…renowned as the finest archaeological illustrator.”

These high quality Bible images have appeared in art exhibitions and museums around the world. Admirers note the artwork's epic imagery and careful attention to detail. The Old Testament pictures include the grandeur of the throne hall of Darius, the expanding capital of the Hittite Empire, and the idyllic scene of Abraham and the three angles in the oak grove of Mamre. These biblical illustrations bring to life the intensity of Jesus confronting the money lenders in the temple, Christ and his disciples picking wheat by the Sea of Galilee, and the crucifixion of Jesus outside the city wall of Golgotha.

Eighty percent of what we learn is through our eyes; therefore, these powerful sermon images will help congregants have a deeper understanding of Bible stories and the spiritual messages attached to them. Consider how your congregants will appreciate your sermons when they can connect your words with a historically accurate image of that moment in time. These sermon illustrations will resonate with your listeners and allow them to experience the life of Jesus and the stories of the Old Testament in a fresh and exciting way. It will also offer you new and creative approaches to engage your congregants and incorporate artwork into your sermons. Browse bible illustration galleries to see how your sermons can take on a whole new power, by merging history and art with the message of the Bible.


Popular Bible Illustrations

Selection of the most popular bible illustrations and images by Balage Balogh