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World renowned artist, Balage Balogh, has been creating some of the world’s most unique Bible illustrations for over twenty years. He chooses important moments in the story of ancient Israel and the life of Jesus and recreates ancient cities in a new and historically accurate way. Balage Balogh's Biblical illustrations include the times of the New Testament and vivid portrayals of its landscape and architecture. Balage Balogh’s Bible illustrations are featured in museums and publications throughout the world, and can now be purchased and enjoyed by all admirers.

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One of the remarkable qualities about the Biblical images of Balage Balogh is how it brings to life the world of the New Testament with a historical accuracy. They focus on various pictures of Jesus at important times in his life. For example, his portrayal of the last supper brings the viewer inside the room where Jesus sat with the apostles the night before his death. Behind them we see a window looking out to a dark blue evening sky, setting a solemn mood. Inside, Jesus and his apostles huddle around a tray of food, while Christ holds the chalice in his hand and performs the first Mass, marking the beginning of Christianity.

In Balage Balogh’s, Jesus and the Money Changers in the Temple, we see another unique image of Jesus when the money changers use the holy temple as a place of business. Enraged by their sacrilege, Jesus flips over the table, scattering the silver coins into the air. Balage Balogh explains how he chose the scene’s details as follows: “The large, colonnaded and open temple court surrounding the walled inner Temple proper was a vast market place where a variety of things were sold. I imagined the money changers could afford to rent space in the shady colonnades and I placed this scene there.” Here we see how Balage Balogh considers the minutest detail when creating his portraits.

In order to give a unique view of these pictures of Jesus, Balage Balogh’s Biblical illustrations are a result of meticulous research in the fields of architecture, archeology, and history. Throughout the 1990’s he worked for the Department of Archeology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Albright Institute, and the Israel Museum. During this time he collected the factual insights he needed to give his Christian pictures an unprecedented realism.

Balage Balogh’s Bible illustrations have been viewed and celebrated in publications, exhibitions, and documentaries. Some notable publications are “The Jesus Dynasty,” “The World of the New Testament,” and “Excavating Jesus.” A collection of his work was featured at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem called The Birth of Christianity, and his work has contributed to a documentary on the Discovery Channel entitled The World of Jesus.

Balage Balogh’s Bible illustrations are some of the most appreciated of our time. They focus on Jesus and the Christian world during defining moments in Western civilization. Also, what makes them so special is how he has taken facts from various areas of biblical research and infused his pictures with a reality that causes their viewers a more intimate understanding of the times of Jesus Christ. As a result, admirers not only have a better understanding of Christianity’s past, they have a better understanding of themselves and their faith.


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