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Old Testament

Old TestamentSTOCK IMAGE

Temple of Karnak in Thebes, Opet Festival, 7th century BC

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For almost a month in the middle of each summer while the Nile was in flood, tens of thousands would gather in the largest temple complex the world has ever seen in Egypt's ancient capital, Waset, the City of Amun, also known as Thebes. Carried aloft on the shoulders of priests, the three golden boats of the divine family, Amun, Mut and Khonsu made their ceremonial annual visit to the Luxor temple, some two miles upriver amidst much music and feasting. Architecturally, the illustration focuses on the great kiosk of King Taharqa that formed the entrance into the complex from the 7th century BC down to the Ptolemaic period. Despite the unlikely proportions, the scale of the edifice is not exaggerated. The painting is based on a photograph taken on the very same spot and extensive research preceded the final sketch and color work. Please read extensive explanatory notes of the image in the blog.


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Old Testament
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