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MesopotamiaSTOCK IMAGE

Mari Palace Court, Mesopotamia, 1750 BC

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"To: Zimri-Lim, king of Mari From:Shibtu, queen of the king of Mari My lord: On the third day of the festival, the prophet Shelibum fell into an ecstatic trance in the temple of the goddess Annunitum, who said, 'Oh, king Zimri-Lim, you will be tested by a revolt. Take special precautions. Surround yourself only with your most beloved and trustworthy officials. Let them stand continuous watch over you. Do not go out alone. I will hand over to you those who test your rule.' In confirmation of this I am sending the king's hair from the head of this assinu prophet and cloth from the hem of her garment." ( a letter discovered in the palace library of Mari) Depicted here is one of the courtyards in the 300 room palace in the Sumerian city of Mari in 1750 BC, around the time of Abraham. Under the awning on the left of the painting the king would hold audience and pass judgement. The court yard served as the place where coronation ceremonies took place. A mural to the right of the main entrance to the throne room depicts one such event where the goddess Ishtar invested the new king Zimri Lim with royal authority. There is a close up painting on this website focusing on the mural itself which now is housed in the Louvre. Several other mural fragments were also discovered here and I placed them in the position suggested by the excavators.


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